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Meeting Minutes From:  WYAA Wolcott Soccer Meeting 3/7/16 at 7pm.

Members Present: Sue Hale, Kim Gough, Dave Broulliette, John Tracey, Heather Cardinale, Paul Maloney

Member absent Robyn Lawlor

Introduction of guests at meeting:  Ernie Field, Peter Lawlor, Byran Plona

Approval of the minutes from January 2016 meeting Heather Cardinale made a motion to approve Seconded Sue Hale. Motion carried all in favor.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report motion made by Heather Cardinal, Seconded by John Tracey motion carried all in favor.

Coaches and Assistants Motion made by John Tracey Seconded by Sue Hale for the following Coaches.

 U-19A  Girls Antony Vaughn Coach, Paul Mederios Coach

U-12B Girls Nick Petroniro Coach, Zack Plourde Asst.

U-11A Girls Paul Mederios Coach Troy Langlais Asst, Dan Loughman Asst.

U-10B2 Girls  Troy Langlais Coach, Scot Bengston Asst., Juan Poll Asst.

U-9B2 Boys  Jacques Georges  Coach, Roger Siva Asst

U-9B1 Boys Jeff Zynda Coach, Chuck Beringer Asst

U-11B Boys Joe Piacentini Coach

U-14B Boys Ian Maloney Coach Dan Neal Asst.

Motion made by John Tracey, Seconded by Sue Hale Motion carried, 1 Abstention Dave Broulliette 

Registrars Report Submitted by John Tracey Motion to approve by Sue Hale Heather Cardinale seconded motion carried by all.

IN House Program: Byran Plona is stepping up to run our in house program and we are excited to continue our recent success.  We will be offering two age brackets one at U-9-U-11 and one U-6-U-8.  These programs will have one practice during the week night to be determined, and Saturday training a game.  Times are U-6-8 at 8:30-9:30am on Maloney Field and U-9-11 at  9:30-10:30am at Maloney Field.  Dino Program would also run from 10:00am-11:00a.m on Maloney Field...   Notices have been emailed to these groups and parent’s meeting set for 3/29/16

6:00-7:00 U-6-8  parents then coaches meeting  7:00-8:00pm U-9-11 Parents then coaches

Dino parents meeting will be from 6:00-7:00pm on Monday 3/28/16