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WYAA BOARD MEETING – November/December 2015

Date:  December 7, 2015

Place: Tiramisu, East Main Street, Waterbury, CT

Commence:  8:00p

Adjourn: 8:30p



  • President - Paul Maloney
  • Board Members - John Tracey, Robyn Lawlor, Heather Cardinale, Sue Hale, Kim Gough, Craig Lagasse, David Brouillette
  • Guests – None Attended


Approval of Minutes  

·        Approval of minutes, October 25, 2017


Incoming /Outgoing Correspondence:


  • Program Support Request was sent to the Town – Sue requested $7,500. A forecast of $6,500 for approval. Meeting was postponed, for the week of December 7, 2015. Sue will advise approved support received.
  • 2nd payment to Coach Director to be released. 



Treasurer Reports:  Sue will provide via email.


New Business  


Craig Lagasse  - resigned from the Board, effective December 7, 2015.


Snack Bar Contractor - Continued discussions – Maloney to discuss current Co-coordinator position with WSC Board – Future discussions on WYAA hiring a co-coordinator.


Security Access – New phone app to be installed in future months


Tryouts – To be held at UAC – Kim to secure 3 dates with a 3 hour block – The first 2 weeks of January.  Try to secure all 3 days in the same week. Weekends in January may not be available due to UAC field availability.


Field Size Change will come in effect – 2017.


Board Meeting Minutes to be publicized as well as the By Laws – Kim to set up on home page of website – Widget to the left tab bar.  Dave Brouillette will forward the WYAA By Laws to Kim


Next Board Meeting –  Monday, January 25th at 7:00 – WSC


Adjournment  - December 7,  2015 8:35p