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Amendment l
Date: October 25, 2015
Place: WSC Board Room
Commence: 6:40p
Adjourn: 8:35p
 President - Paul Maloney
 Board Members - John Tracey, Robyn Lawlor, Heather Cardinale, Sue Hale, Kim Gough
 Guests – None Present
 Absent – David Brouillette, Craig Lagasse – Members & Paul Medeiros – Director/Guest
Approval of Minutes April 2015 & September 2015 1st motion John Tracey, 2nd Motion- Heather Cardinale – All in favor.
Incoming /Outgoing Correspondence:
 Invoices for Eurosport Benches & Ice Invoice – approved by board
 $1,000 was approved for field improvement (benches) and paperwork was sent to District for Capital Improvement – Await reimbursement.
 Program Support Request was sent to the Town – Sue requested $7,500. A forecast of $6,500 for approval. Meeting for vote mid November
 2nd payment to Coach Director to be released.
 Approve Joann a gift card of $100 for tournament snack bar coordinator
Treasurer Reports:
 Monthly Financial (attached)
 Motion to approve John Tracey – 2nd motion – Heather Cardinale – All in favor.
Registrar report – Break down sheet of cost of forecasted registration – prepared by Sue – and forecasted changes made by all. See attached.
 Cost for registration will be $165 Travel, $105 In House and $85 for Dino. 1st motion Robyn Lawlor, 2nd motion Sue Hale, All in Favor.
Travel Coordinators Report – Verbal Discussion
 Travel Reports – Gym time was requested Tues Frisbee and Friday Alcott by Kim (request Mid November through Mid April)
 Basketball request was made to have soccer move to Alcott Both practice days. Further discussions will take place with Paul Maloney and Ms. Najarian.
 Winter / Indoor Sessions/ Clinics and UAC to be discussed at next meeting.
 Snack bar issues addressed and discussions stated below on possible resolution.
Old Business –
 Registration Fees addressed and approved for Spring 2016
New Business –
 Club Store in Progress – Everyone pleased / Kim to secure admin access to Sue Hale for website.
 Goal Purchase, approximately $3,000 to comply with field change in accordance with US Youth Soccer.
 Snack bar details and forecasted plan are below
Fundraising –
 Breast Cancer Shirts approximately $405 proceeds / approximately $405 donation.
 Wreath Sales –Kim Set up store
 Holiday apparel sale being set up
Banquet –
 November 29th @ Krystal Gardens – Heather calling for price adjustment and additions to the menu possible child’s price- to be negotiated with Krystal Gardens. $16.50 pp is fee as of today.
 Next season we may consider new menu and going to another venue
Snack Bar Contractor
 Hire a snack bar coordinator for annual contract – will receive 1099 – fee paid will be $3,000 annually - All approved and cost breakdown of approximately $15 per player added to spring tuition – as stated on enclosure. Kim to email an advertisement in 2 weeks for position to be filled with application deadline of January 15th- must have a license– contact will be Kim and Heather to set up interviews with Paul Maloney.
Security Access
 Please give all access codes to Paul Maloney - Security will be updated, our codes will not be affected.
 If possible – please obtain a code for Heather
Next Board Meeting – Tiramisu Nov 7th at 7:00 – Kim to email invite – reply all for reservation.
Adjournment - October 25, 2015 8:35p